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A sliding glass door repair is a standard, everyday job for us here at Scope Glass. We understand that it might seem like a good cause for panic when your glass door breaks – but there’s really no need. Here’s why …

We’re a mobile glazing business that services the Brisbane Northside and Moreton Bay regions. We keep various types of glass in stock at our workshop and we have a work vehicle that’s been designed with sliding glass door repairs in mind.

So what does all this mean for you? It means that Scope Glass can complete the glass replacement task on-site at your place, making the process quicker, simpler and ultimately more cost-effective for our customers.

Believe it or not, most glass door repairs take under 90 minutes to complete. So if you’re looking for a sliding glass door repair specialist who’s ready to help in your time of need, give Dan a call today.

Call – 0412 192  355

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Why wouldn’t you get Scope Glass to help with your Sliding Glass Door Repair? We’re…

✅ Family-owned

✅ Locally Loved (just check out our online reviews)

✅ Affordable

✅ Friendly

✅ Great Communicators

✅ Committed to ‘no-fuss’ Service

✅ Insured

✅ Qualified

✅ QBCC Licenced

✅ Making Social Impact

Call – 0412 192  355

What to do FIRST!

Before you jump on the phone and start enquiring about your sliding glass door repair, make sure you’ve done these things first …

  • Care for your Family Members

It goes without saying that if someone was injured when the accident happened, make them your priority – not calling the glazier or cleaning up. Then quickly relocate people and pets, moving them away from and blocking their access to the broken glass.


  • Make the Area safe

Come up with a plan to prevent household members from coming into close contact with the broken glass door until it’s fixed. Block off the risk area by closing off doors, moving furniture in front of the door and using alternative entry points to the home. Make sure you communicate clearly to everyone that the glass has been broken and to stay away from the area.

In some situations, the safest decision is to knock the loose-hanging glass out of the door onto the floor, rather than leave it suspended in the frame. To do this, wear closed in shoes, eye protection, long pants, gloves etc and use a broom to push the glass out of the frame. It would pay to try to protect your floor from falling glass with a drop sheet or timber board.


  • Call the Glazier

Once the area is secured, you can call the glazier. In order to receive a quote, you’ll need to be able to provide basic information, such as: What’s the approx glass size? Is the glass clear or tinted? What Suburb are you in etc


**CAUTION | Be aware of excessive quotes. There are some large glass companies out there that will charge an arm and a leg and sadly – a few companies trying to take advantage of your sense of urgency. You’ll know who they are when you call for a price as their quotes are roughly twice the price of one of us little local guys.


  1. LAWNCARE | The most common cause for door glass breakage would definitely be lawn mowing. Both the mower and whipper snipper have the potential to flick small rocks up into your glass.
  2. SPONTANEOUS BREAKAGE | This one’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s real. Toughened glass (the most commonly used safety glass in new sliding glass doors) always has the potential to randomly explode. Crazy right?! It doesn’t happen to most people, but every month we still seem to do a job for a customer who’s in shock that their glass just exploded while the family was watching TV nearby.
  3. BREAK-INS | Break-ins (or attempts) would be the 3rd most common cause for breakage, at least in our experience. Sadly, it’s become fairly common knowledge to many criminals how to easily (and fairly risk-free on their part) cause a toughened door panel to explode. Once it’s exploded they can push the remaining glass (that’s now become glass rubble) in and enter the home. Fortunately this really doesn’t happen that often.


glass sliding door repair in brisbane northside

Notice how we didn’t mention that Kids were in the top 3 common causes?! What a shock right? But truth be told, kids don’t seem to be able to break the glass in sliding glass doors too easily with their day-to-day shenanigans (BUT DO NOT CHALLENGE THEM). They certainly do break their fair share of common float glass in windows though, but doors – not windows – are not our topic of discussion here.



When toughened glass breaks, it literally breaks into thousands of tiny pieces. Since the solid panel crumbles into lots of small pieces upon breaking, the glass tends to still be very safe to victims that come into contact with it.

Sure you’ll get a few glass splinters and a scratch or 2, but rarely anything more serious than that. You wouldn’t want members of your household walking around it, but it’s much safer than the ordinary float glass that breaks off in daggers (float glass is not a safety glass but was used in older doors before Australian Standards tightened).

The inconvenience of toughened glass though, is that you have a situation on hand that most people regard as urgent – there’s now an opening in the side of your home that isn’t meant to be there.

This is the suck to toughened glass – it’s impractical when it breaks. So are there any safety glass alternatives to Toughened Glass? Yes – Laminated safety Glass is a better alternative in most cases. In fact, it’s better in all cases except one. The only downside to Laminated Safety Glass is that it’s heavier than Toughened Glass.

Obviously, this only matters if you’ve broken the sliding portion of your glass door. But other than this 1 factor, it has the advantages of being able to be cut onsite and repaired on the same day, it’s more secure against break-ins and it doesn’t fall to the ground as a pile of rubble if it happens to break.

95% of sliding glass door repairs will have Toughened glass removed and Laminated glass put back in. Read Frequently Asked Questions on Sliding Doors for more information. Call Dan now to discuss your Sliding Glass Door Repair.

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Great work and fast efficient service.Couldn’t have been any easier. Will definitely be using Scope Glass for any future work and will also recommend to friends, family and associates. Cheers.

Kauia Petero (via Google Review)

Best Service I’ve ever had from a trades person! Dan went above and beyond. his price was more than reasonable. Thank you!

Melissa Perkins (via Google Review)


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