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Glass Types Available

Clear Glass

As you already know, having clear glass windows is a great way to let natural light into your home, causing rooms to feel both bigger and more connected with the outdoors. But sometimes, clear glass can actually let more light and heat than you desire, which might mean grey glass is a better solution for you.


Grey Glass

 Grey glass (also called toned glass) is still see-through, but it reflects varying degrees of the sun’s UV, leaving your home more protected from sunlight and heat. As a result, you’re left feeling more comfortable and wouldn’t need to run the air conditioner quite so hard on our hot summer days. There are 2 levels of grey glass available today: Standard Grey and Dark Grey 

TIP: as you’ve probably noticed with grey (or tinted) glass before – During the daytime when there is more light outdoors, the glass is reflective on the outside, which gives privacy to those indoors. However, at night time when you’ve got the lights turned on inside the house and it’s dark outside, the glass becomes reflective on the inside of the house preventing you from seeing out, but allowing people from outside to have a clear view through the window. So keep this in mind when determining if this product is appropriate for your setting.


Obscure/Patterned Glass

Now, let’s talk about obscured glass. Obscure glass can be a great glass choice when you want natural light to come through your windows, but you need to preserve your own privacy within your home. Think about the average bathroom window – it’d probably have this type of patterned/obscured glass. It’s still a window that lets lots of light into the room, but no curious eyes would be able to catch a glance through the glass. Spotswood, Satinlite Cathedral and Kozi are the more readily available patterns today.


Translucent Glass

If you have a modern home, you might like to consider white translucent laminated glass. It’s nice, neat, minimal and it’s safety glass – so given modern design trends, this one’s growing in popularity in Queensland homes today.


So whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing glass with a type of glass that better suits your needs, or simply trying to identify the glass you need replaced due to accidental breakage – we trust this information has been helpful. Once you’ve had a look at the options, give me – Dan – a call today. Before long, you’ll have a quote in your inbox.

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