Frequently Asked Questions on Sliding Doors

Check out the top FAQs (frequently asked questions) on sliding doors below:

aluminium sliding patio doors
Which are the most popular types and styles of sliding doors?

Sliding doors are available in several types. The most common ones include:

  • Sliding timber doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Sliding wardrobe doors
  • Sliding closet doors
  • Sliding screen doors
  • Sliding aluminium doors
  • Interior sliding doors
  • Electronic sliding door systems
  • Sliding French doors
  • Automatic sliding door systems
  • Commercial sliding doors

Sliding cavity doors/sliding pocket doors

Which is the best sliding door?

The best sliding door will mainly depend on your personal preferences. You can compare the aforementioned types and choose the one suitable for your needs and available space.

How can I repair my sliding door?

One of the most commonly asked questions is how to repair a malfunctioning sliding door. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to fix problems related to sliding doors. There are several components that make up a typical sliding door. In most cases, ensure the door has a functioning track, rollers, lock, and can withstand the tear and wear that comes with opening or closing the door constantly.

Is it possible to repair a sliding aluminium glass door?

Yes. It’s possible to repair sliding aluminium glass doors. In fact, they’re among the most commonly installed sliding doors. They’re made of a lightweight aluminum frame and have a glass panel housed in the frame.

The glass panel accounts for the highest percentage of the door’s weight. Most repairs are related to recapping the door track and replacing the door rollers. It’s important to check whether any other door components are worn or damaged.

Can sliding doors be adjusted?

In most cases, you can adjust hydraulic transom and commercial doors. However, regular sliding doors may not be adjusted. Instead, you should replace the damaged tracks and rollers.

How are sliding glass doors removed?

It’s necessary to gather the right safety material before attempting to work on sliding glass doors. Glass can shatter easily and damage the carpet or floor. Also, you should have the tools required to remove the door.

How is the door track installed?

Fixing the door track can be a bit tricky if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. It requires some skills to do it right. Most DIY homeowners install a capping on the top. However, this often causes expansion in the rollers.

Consequently, they break quickly. The best fix is machining the old door track on a stump to get rid of the problems affecting the track. Next, a new track is laid over the old one. The new track will fit new rollers.

What is a sliding French door?

Sliding French doors look stylish. The sliding frame contains iconic squares. Typically, they’re white in color. The frames are generally made of timber. The frames are also made of aluminium.

How can I repair my sliding wardrobe door?

Sliding wardrobe doors may also require some repairs over time. The interior components of a sliding wardrobe require some knowledge and skills in removing and repairing them. In most cases, the rollers may get chipped or cracked.

In this case, you’ll have to replace them to get the door sliding smoothly again. If you fail to repair a damaged track, the new door rollers will get damaged and require another replacement.

How are the tracks of sliding doors cleaned?

You can clean the tracks with a vacuum. Vacuuming the tracks will remove any grime and dirt. Clean the tracks further by wiping them with a soft piece of cloth. You can wet the cloth with rubbing alcohol for deeper cleaning.

Avoid using oil-based products to lubricate the track. Cleaning the tracks regularly is enough to give the rollers move smoothly. If you want to lubricate them, use a silicone-based lubricant.

How can I fix the lock of my sliding door?

A damaged door lock should be replaced. However, it’s likely that the lock is difficult to operate as a result of damaged rollers or track. A chipped track or worn rollers will make it challenging to slide the door.

Any damaged rollers and track should be replaced to make it easier to open or close the door. A fully working door lock will keep your family and property safe. Thus, ensure it’s functional at all times.

What’s the cost of repairing sliding doors?

There are several factors that affect the cost of repairing sliding doors. Thus, it’s not possible to give a flat rate cost. Some doors may be extremely damaged such that the door frame will need to be repaired.

Extensive repairs will cost more. Also, extensive repairs will take more time, which will also add to the cost. Some repairs will also require the removal and replacement of various components such as the rollers, track, and weather stripping.

The more the number of components requiring repair or replacement, the higher the cost.  

What’s making it hard to open or close my sliding door?

There are several reasons that can make it difficult to slide the door. The main reason is tear and wear resulting from constantly opening and closing the door. Also, damaged rollers and tracks can make it hard to slide the door open or close.

Since a sliding door comprises several moving parts, aging components will make it difficult to operate the door. As such, sliding doors require regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently for a longer period. Any damaged components should be repaired or replaced soonest possible.

Is it possible to replace a sliding door?

Yes. However, replacing a sliding door is quite expensive. Unless the door’s structural integrity is compromised, you can repair it instead of replacing it to save money.